Why we should celebrate our teenagers

March 21, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Tween PortraitsTweenagers (Is that a word?)Having fun during a sister session

 We celebrate our babies. We celebrate our puppies. We celebrate our seniors and I think we should. But, why don't we celebrate our teenagers? Why don't we celebrate our 13,14,15 year olds? March 21st was National Teenager Day and I am here to cheer for the humans who navigate the world with an undeveloped brain and raging hormones coursing through their awkward bodies.......TEENAGERS!

I want our teens to feel awesome and amazing all the time because they are! Being a teenager is really hard and it seems with social media it feels even harder. Often our teens self esteem is extremely low.

I love photographing this age.

My favorite part of my workflow is seeing their faces light up when they see the finished image of themselves. They are proud and often a little embarrassed because they look so amazing and maybe they don't usually see themselves in that way. These are the pictures that need to be enlarged and hung on their bedroom walls so every morning and every night they are reminded they are nothing less than amazing. 

Tween Boy SessionLincolnBoys desrve portraits too Beautiful Teen PortraitTeen Portrait ArtI love how the light falls on the teenage subject.





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