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Z62_4437-Enhanced-NRZ62_4437-Enhanced-NR Dads

They teach us what love looks like.

They protect us and make us feel safe.

When I see a photograph of my dad I think many thoughts;

"If you have to lie, you probably shouldn't be doing it"

"Other peoples opinions of you are none of your business"

"Look people in the eye and be very clear with your words"

"I am beautiful"

"I am capable of doing anything I set my mind to"

"I matter and I am worthy of love exactly as I am"

"Life is worth living even when it is hard and painful"

When I look at a photograph of my dad, I feel loved and capable. That's the power of photography. The walls of our children's rooms should have photographs of the people who love and support them most. It will build their confidence and is a piece of artwork they will cherish long after their grown.

I serve my clients by not only taking your picture but, I specialize in creating custom portrait artwork, ready to hang in your homes and spaces where they will have the most impact in your daily routines. 

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