Print it. Hang it.

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I belive photographs have the power to shift our emotional state.

I designed my business model around that belief.

Most of our pictures live on our phones waiting to disappear forever. Living in a digital world we've forgotten the power a beautiful photograph holds. Often it is when someone we love dies that we are reminded of the power of a photo. My mission is to change that. 

Ever feel beat up by life? Has your day to day felt dedicated to everyone but yourself and you are drained, tired, sad, worried or any of the emotions that feel difficult to sit in? Are there times you forget how to be kind to yourself? The last thing your spiraling mind is going to think of doing is going upstairs into your desk drawer to pull out your flash drive and plug it into your computer and upload your last photo session. But, when you are sitting on your couch, drowning in your sorrows and you look up and see a large, beautiful gallery wrapped canvas of your children together and happy something inside of you will shift. Love will enter your heart and you are reminded why you fight everyday.

Photographs also have the power to make our children feel valued and loved. I think being a teenager is incredibly difficult. Their brains are not developed and they are learning to navigate emotions and thoughts and it can be overwhelming. Hanging portrait artwork in their bedrooms remind them they are loved and valued. Looking at a photograph that represents love and security impacts their thoughts.They are not going to seek out these images so it is up to us to print them and hang them in their space.  Maybe it's a portrait with their grandmother. Maybe there is a divorce and at moms house they have a beautiful image of them and their dad and at dads house they have a beautiful image of them and mom. MAYBE it's a portrait of them and their dog or their horse. Lets be honest. Our pets are our favorite household member and their smile lifts our mood instantly. These are the photographs that should be displayed in spaces that they will be seen and impact their daily routines.

We dont get to decide when our time here is over. Everyday someone suddenly is forced to say goodbye before they are ready and photographs and portrait artwork is all that will remain of them. Invest in creating images that will last for generations. How many digital images have you intended on printing that are stil sitting on a flash drive or on your phone? 

I specialize in the printed portrait artwork customized specially for you and your style. You don't need 75 digital files from a portrait session that are going to disappear. I recommend one large statement piece for your wall. I also recommend each child has something for their bedroom. Can't choose? Photo books are a great way to have all the images from your session in one place. 

My point is, photography is a time capsule that celebrates your life and the relationships that mean the most to you. There are people who love you and someday all they will have to remember you by is a portrait so why not invest in artwork that is beautiful and will be beautiful for generations?




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